Friday, May 19, 2017

A perfect weekend getaway to Malmö

A beautiful summers day to be out and about in Malmö Stad!

Malmö is the 3rd largest city in Sweden and is located in Southern Sweden a.k.a. Skåne (pronounced sko-neh). A fairly easy walkable city with a bad reputation recently due to the rise in car fires in certain neighborhoods. HOWEVER, you shouldn't be afraid because Malmö is a fun little city for a weekend getaway and much cheaper than Copenhagen just across the Öresund strait. Apart from the rising violence is certain neighborhoods, the central part of Malmö is charming and quite safe to walk around in. I've been here mostly on day trips from Copenhagen because it is so easy to travel here by train. I spent a weekend in the winter here and had a great little trip wandering around the city on foot. I like the smaller cities of Europe as they are not inundated with so many tourists and easy to navigate around by foot. 

Just outside the Central Station there are these beautiful bridges to cross into Gamla stan
A bit gloomy in the winter but still lovely to explore!
A sunny summers' day for a day trip in Malmö! Outside the Central Station

How to get to Malmö

Flight to Copenhagen Airport (København Lufthavn) and then taking the train from the airport across the Öresund bridge. This bridge is famous as the location for the hit Danish-Swedish TV drama series, Den Brøn/Den Brön or The Bridge. The views from the Bridge are quite stunning so remember to get your cameras out!

Travel tip: Bring your passport with you when crossing the border from Denmark to Sweden as the border control is in effect due to the rising refugee crisis and security efforts.

The Öresund Bridge

What to see

Turning Torso

1) Turning Torso
This architecture marvel is the tallest building in Scandinavia and the residents are so lucky to live in such cool building. I walked here from the central station on my birthday last year and it was quite the eventful walk. It is quite a distance from the central station so I recommend that you take one of the public buses to get here. Otherwise, you'll be walking for about 30 minutes and it is fine if the weather is nice and not too windy!

2) Ribersborgsstranden
Just next to the residential neighborhood that houses the Turning Torso building is Ribersborgsstranden (see if you can pronounce that like a native Skåne resident!). It has beautiful views of the Öresund strait and Öresund bridge. The picture above was taken that this very particular beach park. I watched the sunset from this place and it was so stunning. I'd imagine summers here are wonderful with picnics, sunbathing, and jumping into the cool waters.

3) Malmöhus Slott

For a glimpse at Swedish history with Denmark and Skåne county, this former castle fortress is an interesting stop. Skåne used to belong to Denmark and one can argue that Skånska (southern Swedish vernacular) sounds a bit like Danish. Many Swedes from the north, particularly from the capital city of Stockholm lovingly mock the accent. As a Swedish language student, I find it a bit difficult to understand but there are many Swedish residents in Malmö that come from the north and reside there or deal with northerners frequently so will speak a bit more clearly. 
This castle is the oldest standing fort from the Renaissance era and was once an important place where Denmark's coins were minted there. Erik of Pomerania, King of Denmark, Norway, and Sweden built the castle on the grounds now occupied by Malmöhus in 1434. The strategic position of the castle facing westwards could monitor and protect all the shipping traffic coming in from the Öresund strait. During World War II, Malmöhus was used as a refugee camp to house all those fleeing from the war. When I went to visit the museum there was an exhibit telling the stories of those who fled the war and stayed in Malmöhus with the stories of the new immigrants coming into Sweden. This museum also holds temporary exhibitions that shed light on Swedish history and Swedish way of life. 

4) Slottsparken
Just next to Malmöhus Slott is a beautiful park with gardens. Malmö has these gardens littered throughout the city that offers a nice respite from the brick buildings and concrete. I recommend that you take a stroll through the park either before or after your visit to Malmöhus Slott if you have time and it isn't too dark. 

Just outside the Moderna Museet Malmö 
5) Moderna Museet Malmö
Unlike all the modern museums I've visited in bigger cities. This was a small museum and perfect for an indoor activity when the weather is rather cold, windy, and raining! I love modern art and all its weirdness because it is an edgy art form that pushes the envelope on what our views of the world and what we consider as art in itself. This museum isn't very big and houses temporary exhibits. The museum is free entry.
I wish I had seen my former movement improvisation teacher, Simone Forti's work reconstructed and performed at the museum in 2015. 

Lilla Torg
Lilla Torg

Sankt Petri Kyrka - Saint Peters' Church

6) Gamla Stan: Stortorget, Lillatorg, Gustav Adolfs Torg
I highly recommend wandering around the old town and the Stortorget, Lillatorg, and Gustav Adolfs Torg are perfect squares that have little stores, cafes, hotels, restaurants, and bars to leisurely wander through. This is probably my favorite activity in Malmö. I like wandering around all the little streets around these areas. The buildings are well preserved and you'll find so many cute little nooks and crannies to take your social media worthy pictures for #latergramfordays #tbt and #throwbackthursdays ! 

Where I stayed: Radisson Blu Malmö

My room is huge at Radisson Blu Malmö

Centrally located, walking distance to the Central Station, and close to shops, restaurants, bars, attractions. I was surprised by the large room though and would recommend staying here in a heartbeat as Radisson Blu has one of the best hotel breakfasts ever! It is located next to the Caroli shopping centre which has an ICA supermarket housed in it as well as some nice shops and restaurants.

Where to Eat:

Köttbaren is literally translated as The Meat Bar! 
Yummy burger!
Köttbaren recently changed their name to Burger and Friends. This restaurant is located in the shopping centre, Caroli right next to the hotel which is very convenient as I was starving at the time I arrived and checked in. That burger tasted so good! They belong to the same restaurant group that owns Kött & Fisk in Stockholm and the food their is also fantastic.

Peas & Honey gastropub house was recommended to me by a friend in Stockholm. I went there for dinner and ordered a beer to go along with my moules frites. The portion was plenty, the fries were salty, the mussels were garlicky and succulent. Friendly people working here with a mysigt (cozy) atmosphere. I returned here for a beer on another trip to Malmö with a couple friends because it was a super chill place.

And of course FIKA! You're in Sweden! Fika är bästa tid!

Softest Kanellebulle I've ever eaten!

Or have a sandwich near Gustav Adolfs Torg and sit outside in the summer

Briska cider is probably my favorite Swedish cider!

The best time to visit Malmö is certainly the summer months when everyone is out enjoying the long summer days in the sun. However, it is also nice to visit in the winter when the Christmas market and lights are all set up. There's something magical about walking through the streets on a winter night sipping glögg (Christmas mulled wine) and nibbling on some pepparkaka (cinnamon cookies) then taking refuge in a cozy restaurant with candles all around. 
Despite what anyone says, Malmö is a cute little city and I will always stop by for a visit whenever I'm in the area. 


  1. I'm going back to Sweden in the fall and will definitely use this as my guide!

    1. Oh, that is going to be such a pretty time to go! The air will be crisp and the leaves will start to change colors.

  2. I spent a few days in Stockholm but did not explore other parts of Sweden. I'll add Malmö to my Sweden bucket list.Turning Torso looks like such a cool building!

    1. The Turning Torso building is super cool - it turns slowly depending on the wind! Imagine being one of the residents in that building!

  3. I love the collection of your photographs here! Definitely brings me into the moment and your weekend! I have never heard of this little place so definitely pinning this for reference!


    1. Awww thank you Rebecca! Malmö is the 3rd largest city in Sweden and the first city you come across when you cross the Öresund bridge from Denmark. :-) A lot of Danes like to go shopping in Malmö because its a bit cheaper than Copenhagen.

  4. Would love to get to Sweden someday! Looks like you had lovely weather too :) Thanks for sharing your insights!!

  5. Malmo looks lovely! I have heard some bad things about it recently but that wouldn't stop me from visiting. The Turning Torso building is so cool!

  6. I never even thought to visit Malmo but it looks so nice! It seems to have that quaint feel that a lot of smaller cities in Europe have. I've never been to Scandinavia but am dying to visit the next time I'm in Europe. It's good to know how close Malmo is to Denmark too so it would be an easy day trip!

  7. For a moment I got a little confused because of "Gamla Stan" and "Stortorget", wondering if they're same names as of Stockholm's! Anyway, That turning building really got my attention. Looks like you had a fantastic trip to Malmo with great weather. Love all your F&B recommendations too!

  8. I've never been to Sweden. The closest I ever got to was Copenhagen. Good to learn about a new place and like how you have a mixed things to do! Sounds like a good weekend!

  9. I visited Malmö last summer, but I didn't do and see everything that you highlighted here. I guess that means I need to head back. When I do, I want to try some of that cider.